Payroll is defined as the total amount of wages paid by a company to its employees and other workers. Processing payroll correctly requires careful planning, because this task may be the most time consuming work your business performs each month. There are ongoing tasks that need attention, as well as setup procedures for new employee and changes to withholdings, benefits, commissions, etc. for current employees.

Our Payroll contains

  • Employee record management
  • Generate and record employee salary details
  • Create records of working days, annual leave & sick leave
  • Generate application solutions for wages, deductions and benefits
  • Accurate and fast calculation of earnings, contributions and deductions
  • Generate pay slips of employees
  • Customization facility of employment reports to suit the needs
  • Attendance monitoring and data interface processing
  • Analysis and email reimbursement payslips
  • Fast computation of TDS certificates, handling and processing PF & ESI

This solution provides the best support system to an organization to complete payroll procedure with the best software solutions.